Versele Laga Traditional Junior O 25kg

Code: PRVL037

Versele Laga Traditional Junior O is a maize free mixture designed for young birds that are nearly ready to race. The mixture features a wide range of legumes which ups the protein content, allowing for continued growth & development of conditioning.


Maple peas 8%, Dun peas 3%, Yellow peas 6%, Large green peas 3%, Small green peas 20%, Tares 3%, Mung beans - Katjang Idjoe 1%, White pigeon wheat 18%, European white dari 6%, Red dari 6%, Safflower seed 10%, White pigeon barley 3%, Paddy rice 3%, Broken rice 3%, Hempseed 2%, Canary seed 1%, Yellow millet 1%, Brown linseed 1% & Black coleseed 1%