Easter Deal - £2 off Dodson & Horrell Cubes

Tuesday 12th April 2022

We have partnered with Doson & Horrell to offer an exclusive deal for our customers - we are offering £2 off three different varieties of D&H horse cubes.

The offer includes:

Classic Fibre Cubes
Low-starch, low-calorie, non-heating, fibre-based maintenance cubes.

Build Up Conditioning Cubes
Chelated minerals and key amino acids for performance-level nutrition, topline development and weight gain.

Sixteen Plus Cubes
A conditioning feed designed to support veteran horse health. High fibre, high oil, low sugar and starch; therefore suitable for Cushingoids.

This offer is available exclusively as a telesales deal from tomorrow 13th April until 5pm on 14th April. Call your account manager on 01642 714389 now to take advantage of this fantastic deal!