Summer Feeding Tips with Rowen Barbary

During the summer months many horses and ponies are kept out at grass. Most horses will thrive on summer grazing, however, it can lead to obesity in those prone to weight gain. For others it may lack a balance of essential nutrients due to grass maintenance and other may just require a feed to encourage the intake of water when the weather is warmer.

Rowen Barbary have sent us some essential tips on summer feeding for horses:

Feed them before turnout
Giving your horse or pony a feed and haynet before turnout can decrease the likelihood of your horse gorging. We recommend a low-calorie feed such as Rowen Barbary’s Forage ‘n’ Fibre, which has been formulated to ensure your horse or pony is still receiving all the essential nutrients without the additional calories, suitable for good doers or to help ensure your horse is receiving a balanced diet out at grass.

Give supplements to older horses
Senior horses out at grass may require additional supplements. Rowen Barbary’s Keep Well is a great low-calorie supplement to add into their diet, helping to support joint, digestive and skin and coat health as well as ensure they are receiving a fully balanced diet.

Increase water intake with a soft mash
Mashes are perfect for feeding to your horse or pony during Summer, as they help with water intake whilst providing a high fibre, low energy feed. Rowen Barbary’s Ready Mash is a fully balanced soft textured mash, perfect for the summer months. It's a versatile, all round mash which is suitable for horses and ponies in low levels of work.

What's even better is that all the products mentioned are on special offer throughout June!