Dodson & Horrell Elite Sport Muesli

Thursday 18th August 2022

Since it’s launch in 2018, Dodson & Horrell Elite Sport Muesli has popular with many horse owners, from those just starting out with their young horses through to Olympic medal winning ambassadors.

Elite Sport Muesli provides performance level nutrition in a low starch and sugar format with a focus on slow-release energy. This means it’s suitable for horses and ponies prone to clinical conditions with known links to starch levels in the diet such as gastric ulceration and tying up. It is also great for young horses or those with naturally ‘hotter’ temperaments due to its high oil, low starch and sugar balance, and it is also oat-grain free.

Packed With Protein
It contains high quality protein with key amino acids to support muscle development and repair. It is also fully-balanced, meaning that it meets the horse’s daily vitamin and mineral requirements when fed at the recommended rate, meaning no requirement to top up with additional feeds, ultimately making it more of an economical feeding option. The minerals within Elite Sport Muesli are chelated to improve their absorption and activity in the body, allowing your horse to get the maximum benefit from these essential nutrients.

Supplements Included
Many people feed a variety of support supplements alongside their horse’s main diet. Elite Sport Muesli is also packed with support supplements that have been carefully selected to compliment the types of horses this product has been designed for, removing the need to be feeding these alongside. It contains a spectrum of digestive support: FOS and MOS (prebiotics), ActiSaf yeast (probiotic) and Fibre Plus Complex; all of which support a healthy hindgut environment to optimise fibre fermentation and nutrient uptake.

QLC Package
Elite Sport Muesli contains a natural, plant-based patented Quality Life Care antioxidant complex with a specifically formulated blend of antioxidants which is more potent than the individual values of the antioxidant sources on their own. Our B vitamin complex is also included which may encourage eating up and energy metabolism. It has additional vitamin E also included to support muscular and immune function. Electrolyte support is also built into Elite Sport Muesli to help maintain hydration during the hot summer days. The added herbal blend of blackcurrant, kale, spinach, beetroot, rosemary, rosehip and pomegranate ensure it is irresistibly tasty even for the fussiest of eaters!

Low In Sugar and Starch
The low starch and sugar content of Elite Sport Muesli mean that it is an ideal feed in the summer to compliment spring and summer grazing when the horses are getting more sugar from the grass in their diet. It’s very versatile: it is also a great product for horses in work during the winter, to help them maintain a calm temperament during periods where turnout may be restricted, while still providing enough energy for them to be performing at their best.

For further information about Elite Sport Muesli, or any of the other products in the Dodson & Horrell range, or for further nutritional advice, the Dodson & Horrell team can be contacted  via telephone on 01270 782223, via their online chat service at, or email