Dallas Keith Equine Flexi Tub Range

Tuesday 12th April 2022

We now have the entire Dallas Keith Equine Flexi Tub range in stock!

Dallas Keith’s Equine Flexi range is a hassle-free way to provide all horses with optimum nutrition - whether they are breeding or high performance horses, or low maintenance grazers. Unlike other ways of supplementing vitamins and minerals, the DK Flexis allows horses to take what they need when they need it, as nature intended.

This trickle feeding not only complements the horse’s digestive system, but saves the hassle of having to give more hard feed, which isn't ideal for every horse. Provided free access in a stable or field, DK Flexis are there rain or shine to provide the essential building blocks for health, vitality and performance.

Flexible, hard wearing containers

The range comes in 12.5kg shatterproof containers that can be left, safe in the knowledge that even the most accomplished serial destroyers will find it hard to damage these! Whilst being safe and robust, the entire range has been carefully formulated to ensure that the correct balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements are available.

Seven Different Varieties

The unique, safe to use Equine Flexi Range comes in seven different varieties:

Enriched with a full spectrum of vital vitamins and minerals as well as a little extra protein. Designed to complement all diets.

Enriched with garlic to repel biting insects. Can be used all year round. Best results in Spring/Summer months.

Formulated with additional yeast to aid digestion and to maximise forage utilisation whilst maintaining condition. Designed to be offered when forage quality is poor.

A natural anti-inflammatory to support suppleness and freedom of movement .
The addition of menthol and eucalyptus to aid respiratory issues or discomfort.
A blend of essential herbs for growth, health and maintenance. Vital for ensuring the immune system is in top working order.

Hoof and Hide
A blend of biotin and zinc specially formulated for improved hoof and coat condition.

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