Pet Supplements from GWF Nutrition

We now stock pet supplements from GWF Nutrition! These supplements are great for helping dogs and cats with specific health needs, or for general health and wellbeing. Their unique formulation, Oatinol, supports digestive health and helps animals to absorb more of the vital nutrients.

Find out more about the products below:

Joint Aid for Dogs

A high specification joint and muscle supplement for all dogs, designed to aid freedom of movement. Maintains flexibility of movement in all dogs regardless of age, size and level of exercise. Supports the formation of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid and muscles. Helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the dog's metabolism. Provides a unique combination of 22 active nutraceuticals.

Maintains flexibility in all cats, regardless of age, size and level of exercise. Supports the formation of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid and muscles. Contains 22 active nutraceuticals.

Immune Aid

Designed for dogs who have signs of a challenged immune system. Designed to support the normal immune system of the dog and deal with the presence of foreign materials that can be harmful to health and physical condition. Provides a unique combination of 15 active nutraceuticals and high levels of Omega-3 to support optimum health. Includes turmeric extract - providing curcumin as a natural antioxidant.

Digestive Aid

Digestive Aid is recommended for dogs that need support with digestive health. A healthy dog exhibits its physical state through the quality of its skin and coat, the brightness of its eyes and its normal behaviour. Digestive Aid for Dogs plus Verm-X® is a combination of 13 active nutraceuticals, herbs and microscopic compounds, designed to support digestive health and help keep your dog in first-class physical condition.

Raw Aid

Suitable for both cats and dogs - Raw Aid is a high specification supplement for raw food diets, designed to provide 27 essential daily vitamins and minerals. It can be fed to any cat or dog on a raw food diet to provide essential daily vitamins and minerals. Raw Aid is suitable for pregnant and lactating females as well as puppies and kittens from weaning. Contains coconut meal, taurine, seaweed meal and Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance, as well as choline to support cognitive health. A 100% non-GM, soya free and grain free formulation.

Omega 3 Aid

Made from hemp oil, this provides the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These are essential to help maintain moisture content within skin cells and hair follicles to support a soft, shiny coat and normal moulting cycles. Fatty acids and natural vitamin E help to maintain a protective barrier in the skin and balance maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the body. Omega 3 and vitamin E have also been found to be useful in supporting the quality and mobility of sperm, which is essential for breeding stud dogs.