Introducing Equibalancer - the natural horse supplement

Introductory Offer - Buy 5 get 1 free! Telesales offer only - please call your account manager on 01642 714389 to order.

From today we will be stocking Equibalancer products - we are the first wholesaler to stock this exciting equestrian range!

Equibalancer has been going since 2004 - it was created by riding instructor and breeder Tammy Britton, who has over 20 years experience of showing at a national level. She is a strong believer in all natural feeds, and started off supplementing her horses' feed with natural straights such as barley or oats. However, with the rise of processed balancers in the last two decades, she started to find it difficult to find a balancer which would work for her. She worked together with an equine vet, two nutritionists and a company specialising in vitamins and minerals to create Equibalancer.

Every product in the Equibalancer range contains natural, competition-safe ingredients, with a linseed oil base to supply essential Omega oils and amino acids. All the products contain absolutely NO fillers, cereals, cereal by-products, alfalfa, mollases or GM ingredients. They are low starch, making them safe for lactating mares and horses with conditions such as laminitis.

The balancers come as an extremely concentrated powder, and are therefore fantastic value for money. You only need to feed one 25ml scoop per day, mixed with a little chaff! Considering the rising cost of supplements across the board, this makes it a great cost effective option for customers.

We are now stocking five products from the Equibalancer range:

Show and Glow

A complete balancer containing all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to maintain good health and support a shiny coat and great hoof condition. These are combined with a probiotic to promote gut health, while Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils and amino acids aid the renewal of muscle tissue. Show and Glow is developed to help maintain good topline, condition and muscle development.

Everyday Lo-Cal

The diet version of Show & Glow is 50% lower in oil content but still containing exactly the same comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and with the Omega oil and amino acids still available but in a lower quantity.

LamiGuard Pro

Lamiguard Pro provides support for horses and ponies with laminitis or related health conditions - especially crucial at this time of year. It is a complete balanced vitamin and mineral formula - high in Zinc, biotin and omega oils to promote healthy hoof growth. LamiGuard Pro also contains high grade turmeric gold, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and and encapsulated live yeast to support hind gut health. The very low sugar and starch levels make it suitable for horses with EMS or Equine Cushings.

Easy Move ButeFree

Supports mobility and soundness with a blend of natural, competition-safe ingredients such as boswellia, turmeric and linseed. Includes glucosamine, MSM and collagen to prevent inflamation and support overall joint health. Low sugar / starch formula, suitable for all diets. Recommended feeding: two scoops a day for the first week, one scoop a day after.

Gut Shield

Gut Shield is a unique, highly effective combination of ingredients which supports the whole digestive system in three ways:
- Forms a protective layer in the stomach, calming the stomach lining
- Helps to neutralise excess stomach
- Encourages the growth of good bacteria in the hind gut, improving the absorption of nutrients.
Gut Shield contains Actisaf, the market leader in live yeast micro granules. The live yeast core is protected by a layer of dead yeast cells which gradually dissolve as it travels through the digestive system, ensuring the live yeast is still active when it reaches the hind gut.


Both Gut Shield and Easy Move ButeFree do not contain vitamins or minerals, so they can be fed alongside the other balancers.

We currently stock 5 products from the Equibalancer, however there is a wider range of products available on their website. As Equibalancer is located in North Yorkshire, close to our distribution centre, we may be able to stock other items on request. Please speak with your account manager if you would like to stock other Equibalancer products.