Soothe That Summer Itch With Skratch

Tuesday 26th July 2022

It’s that time of year again when the flies and midges come out to cause havoc and irritate our beloved four-legged friends. If your horse or pony suffers from itchy skin during the warmer months, Global Herbs are here to help. Their range of Skratch products are designed to have a soothing action on the skin using the powerful combination of turmeric and cedar.

For summer itching and issues related to insects and warmer weather, they recommend SkratchPlus. The herbs in this concentrated formula come through the pores of the skin to help discourage insects while also cooling and soothing the affected areas.

For more complicated issues and year-round itching, Skratch is a better option. Scientific research has informed us that skin issues are often linked to digestion. Digestion as a process is very complex as there are a myriad of micro-organisms in the gut to ensure that your horse stays in optimum health. When these microbes are not balanced, one of the first organs of the body that needs help is the skin. Skratch is specially formulated to combine digestive herbs with the herbs in the SkratchPlus for a complete nutritional approach.

Skratch Liquid is also available for horses that are fussy with their food, but it is less powerful than the other products in the Skratch range.

To find out more about Global Herbs’ range of 100% natural supplements, you can call their dedicated team of advisers on 01243 773363.