Hemp Shiv Shavings 20kg

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Hemp Shiv Shavings is a very absorbent, dust free, equine bedding material manufactured from the soft centre of the hemp plant.
Hemp shiv is grown in Yorkshire.
Hemp shiv raw material is thoroughly dust extracted - making it a suitable bedding for horses or ponies with Respiratory Problems
It takes around 6 - 8 bales of Hemp shiv to create the initial bed in a typical 12 foot X 12 foot stable.
Hemp shiv has natural absorbent qualities, (similar to a sponge), Hemp shiv is said to be capable of absorbing 12 times more water than straw and 4 times more than wood shavings.
Hemp shiv bedding is not only absorbent, but also traps smells and ammonia, you can keep a deep litter bed and still have a pleasant smelling stable for your horse.
Try to disturb your Hemp shiv horse bed as little as possible.
Hemp shiv is easy to maintain - saving you time and money, while providing your horse or pony with a comfortable and safe bed.
Remove the droppings daily and level the bed with a rake. Then, once a week, rake the dry bedding to one side and take out the wet bedding. You can add fresh Hemp shiv as necessary to top up your horse's bed. The average use is between half and one bale a week.
There is no problem with disposing of Hemp shiv Bedding (unlike shavings) as it decomposes quickly into a highly fertile organic fertilizer.
Hemp bedding is usually more expensive to buy than other types of equine bedding such as wood shavings. But as you need to use less and Hemp shiv is competitively priced - Hemp shiv work out to be very cost effective.
Many horse owners have reported saving up to a third on the cost of bedding when they have switched to using Hemp shiv.
Hemp shiv bedding products are supplied packed into 20kg heat sealed polythene bags for ease of handling and storage.

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