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Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets 15kg

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Product information

Pure Wood Pellets - Premium Quality White Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding and can be used for Cat Litter and Small Animal Bedding.

Pure Biofuel understand Horse Bedding, and the demands and requirements of the Equine industry. The Pure Wood Pellets have become one of the fastest growing and most popular wood pellet based Horse Bedding. 
Pure Biofuel only use 100% virgin softwood, for there production, a raw material which is white and bright in colour like wood shavings. Quality is evident throughout the production process, are carefully dehydrate the pellets down below 0.7% moisture content, and use no recycled wood, no additives and no binders in production.

Packaging is also considered, Pure Biofuel use a 15kg bag easy enough to bring into the stables but enough volume to make the trip worthwhile. Thick bags of 100 micron means they won't easily split, and a well packed sensibly sized pallet to place them on. 

The final product is first class, supremely absorbent, light in colour, meaning a fluffy bed which is allergy and dust free.

: PWP001

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: PWP001