Saracen Veteran Balancer 20kg

Code: PRSAR146



RSP: £31.95

Veteran Balancer is suitable for: • Older horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work who require a low calorie, low starch and low sugar diet • Older horses and ponies that are ‘good doers’ but who are also more at risk to metabolic disease such as laminitis or EMS • Older horses and ponies who are not in work but those who maintain their weight well on smaller intakes of feed • Use as a two-part feeding system alongside Saracen Horse Feeds Veteran Mash • Horses and ponies requiring slow release, stamina based energy • Fussy feeders or those with limited appetites Features and benefits: • High in fibre, low in starch and sugar • Balanced with vitamins and chelated minerals, as well as optimum antioxidant support and healthy hoof package • Contains a live yeast for optimum digestive health and costeffective feeding • Includes linseed – a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids to support joint health and mobility • Includes a mycotoxin binder to provide additional digestive support to those horses and ponies that are being managed on poorer or lower quality forages and grazing • Formulated to be fed alongside Saracen Horse Feeds Veteran Mash or Saracen Horse Feeds Re-Covery Mash if required or advised • Low daily feed intake to ensure flexible, easy, peace of mind, efficient and effective feeding • Encapsulated malted flavour together with Saracen Horse Feed’s unique Palatability Plus (P+) taste technology to support and encourage fussy feeders • A low glycaemic plant based coating to support optimum metabolic health