Equine Products Restore-Lyte 1.5kg

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Superb quality nutrition combines with excellent equine research to create Restore-Lyte by Equine Products UK, a specially developed dietary supplement designed to quickly replace ion salts and vitamins lost through sweat during exercise of hot environments. 100% water soluble, Restore-Lyte quickly replenishes depleted electrolyte levels to enhance your horse's natural recovery processes.

Replacing the essential nutrients and water lost during sweating and exercise through a rehydration supplement assists the horses' natural reserves his body needs to remain fit, healthy and able to perform at peak levels.The correct balance of ionised body salts (positive and negative) are vital to a horse or pony's wellbeing.

Added to water, it becomes an isotonic oral rehydration solution to help refresh and revitalise dehydrated horses. Restore-Lyte also assists horses in obtaining maximum performance potential.

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