Versele Laga Mariman Variamax Widowhood 25kg

Code: PRVL022

Versele Laga Mariman Variamax Widowhood is a complete feed for pigeons during the racing season giving them the correct nutritional balance and protein content for them to perform optimally. The wide range of ingredients involved in this mixture ensures that the risk of a nutritional deficiency is reduced dramatically and the birds are maintained in good health.


Cardy 8%, Paddy Rice 7%, White Dari 5%, Tares 5%, Cinquantino Maize 2%, Extra Small French Cribs Maize 6%, Extra French Cribs Maize 4%, Red Super Power Maize 8%, Dun Peas 4%, Plate Maize 4%, White Pigeon Wheat 4%, Little Green Peas 4%, Green Peas 4%, Yellow Peas 4%, Maple Peas 4%, Toasted Soya Beans 3%, Milo 2%, Peeled Oats 2%, Mung Beans 2%, Lentils 2%, Peeled Sunflower Seed 2%, Peeled Barley 1%, Peeled Rice 1%, Hempseed 1%, Buckwheat 1%, Black Rapeseed 1%, Black Caraway Seed 1%, Maria Thistle Seed 1%, Linseed 1%, Yellow Linseed 1%, Tick Beans 1%, Yellow Millet 1%, Striped Sunflower Seed 1%, Brown Linseed 1%, Black Sunflower Seed 1%