Versele Laga Traditional Red Champion Subliem 25kg

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Versele Laga Traditional Red Champion Subliem is a wonderful, scientifically composed mixture, with a high percentage of red maize and Plate maize. In combination with Colombine Energy-Corn Plus I.C.+, Champion Subliem prepares the pigeons for the highest performances.

Colombine Energy-Corn Plus I.C.+ is an easily digestible (prebaked) energy pellet, specially developed to increase the fat content of the grain mixture. Energy-Corn Plus I.C.+ also supplies vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Especially choline, vitamin E and selenium are highly dosed because of their liver and muscle protecting function.


Plate Maize 22%, Red Maize 17%, Small French Cribs Maize 3%, Cinquantino Maize 1%, Toasted Soya Beans 3%, Maple Peas 5.5%, Dun Peas 5%, Small Green Peas 4%, Vetches 3%, Mung Beans - Katjang Idjoe 3%, White Pigeon Wheat 13%, European White Dari 7.5%, Red Dari 3%, Safflower Seed 3%, Small Striped Sunflower Seeds 1%, Hempseed 2%, Buckwheat 1%, Brown Linseed 1%, Black Coleseed 1% & German Thistle Seed 1% 

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