Harkers Ridmite 500ml

Code: MZPLI084
RSP: £10.79

Harkers Ridmite contains a blend of surface active agents and silicones in a concentrated sprayable formula to kill mites in the loft, coop, cage or hutch, whilst the dual action formula sanitises and deodourises the treated area. Harkers Ridmite is non-insecticidal, odourless and safe to use, and provides upto 6 weeks protection against re-infestation after treatment. Harkers Ridmite is easy to use and economical - one 500ml bottle will make upto 10ltrs of ready to use solution. Animals do not need to be removed from the enclosure prior to treating. Harkers Ridmite is virucidal, bactericidal, ovicidal and fungicidal and controls infestations within 48 hours of treatment.

Barcode 5029063000098 VAT Type Vatable
VAT Rate 20%