Vitamunch Meadow 1kg

Code: MZBAT266
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Vitamunch Meadow is made from top quality Timothy grass , slow dried at a low temperature to maintain a fresh succulent flavour and nutrient level Enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and herbs through a patent pending process.

Marvellous Meadow with added Dandelion, Red Clover and Nettle provides 50% of the published daily requirement of these essential nutrients for the average size horse. Low sugar, high fibre content makes a suitable snack or boredom breaker for horses and ponies prone to laminitis or obesity.

  • Neat, tidy and easy to store in 1 Kilo blocks
  • Airtight packaging keeps that 'just harvested' smell and freshness
  • Can be served wet or dry, in a small hole net, in a feed bucket, in the stable, field or trailer/horsebox
  • Feed in the munch net for a prolonged eating time
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