Johnston & Jeff No.1 Parrot Food 12.75kg

Code: PRJJ369
RSP: £18.50

Johnston & Jeff No.1 Parrot Food is a thoroughly sound base food mix, designed to be supplemented by fresh fruit and vegetables.

Additive free and cleaned to 99.9% purity.


Striped & White Sunflower Seed, Safflower seed, Whole Maize, Whole Oats, Paleskin Peanuts, Monkey Nuts, Pine Nuts, Chillies, Flaked Peas, Puffed Maize, Puffed Wheat, Naked Oats, Buckwheat, Red Dari

Barcode 5031871007428 VAT Type Vatable
VAT Rate 20% Pallet Quantity 70
Pallet Discount 0.15