Bedmax Strawmax Straw Pellet Bedding

Code: PRBED010



RSP: £6.50

Bedmax Strawmax Straw Pellet Bedding. Strawmax is a brand-new, 100% natural straw pellet equine bedding, manufactured by Bedmax Ltd. Made from recycled British straw, this high-quality and eco-friendly new bedding is a dust-extracted, super absorbent, and cost-effective new option, meeting the range of needs for owners with stabled horses. The straw pellets are easy to use, needs less mucking out, and are easily compostable, providing an innovative and sustainable bedding alternative specifically developed with the health, well-being, and comfort of horses in mind.  

Barcode 5060231760086 VAT Type Vatable
VAT Rate 20% Pallet Quantity 65
Pallet Discount 0.3