Alflora Organic Ryegrass Hay 1kg

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Premium Organic Ryegrass Hay. Grown with care, the first-cut forage is dehydrated, and packed to provide a naturally fibre and nutrient rich forage with no additives.
Suitable for a wide variety of animals including horses, ponies and smaller pets such as rabbits, hamsters, camelids, guinea pigs and gerbils.

QUALITY NUTRITION – Experience the nutritional benefits of natural hay with Alflora Organic Ryegrass Hay, providing high-quality nutrition for animals. We preserve the ryegrass’ unique nutritional properties: providing protein, minerals, lipids, vitamins, pro-vitamins and polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 and omega-6) to help keep your animals healthy and happy. 
100% NATURAL & ORGANIC – Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are feeding your pets and animals both organic and 100% natural, GMO-free hay. Plus, rest assured the hay is free from additives and artificial preservatives, so you can trust in its quality.
A VARIED & BALANCED DIET – We also offer a range of Ryegrass Hay organic blends including apple, beetroot, dandelion, mint, marigold and valerian root. This keeps your animal’s diet varied and our blends can be used as ‘treat’ hays too.
HELPS KEEP ANIMALS HEALTHY – Enjoy premium quality meadow hay with 10% protein, great for providing your animals with essential nutrients. This high-grade hay packs a nutritional punch to ensure your herd is healthy and strong.
HELPS SUPPORT ANIMAL DIGESTION – With our Organic Ryegrass Hay, you can give your furry (and not so furry) friends a treat that supports healthy digestion. Not only will it help them feel great, but you’ll be confident knowing you’re providing them with a nutritious treat!
SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF ANIMALS – Keep your animals healthy with Alflora’s organic hay which is great for a variety of animals including horses, ponies and smaller furry pets like rabbits, hamsters, camelids, guinea pigs and gerbils.

Suitable for equines, bovines, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, poultry and small animals/pets.

Best kept indoors in a dry, dark, cool area, free from excessive humidity and vermin.

Technical Specification: Protein 9.8%, Oil 1.5%, Ash (mineral) 9%, Fibre 42.8%, Naturally Occuring Sugar 4.6%, Starch 1.8%, Digestible Energy 2.01 Mcal/kg