Felix Pouch Fish Selection Chunks in Jelly 4 x 12 x 100g

Code: PRNES628
RSP: £4.15

Complete pet food for adult cats Once a Felix cat, always a Felix cat From the tasty first time... Felix Kitten food has the right combination of proteins, essential minerals and vitamins that little Felix cats need to grow into big Felix cats. Perfect fuel for the first year's adventures! ...to a satisfied senior With Felix they are not called the golden years for nothing. Felix Senior looks after those going a bit grey around the whiskers with their very own specially formulated, super tasty recipes. That's not all! These delicious meals are a source of essential Omega 6 fatty acids and have the right combination of balanced minerals and vitamins - they are full of healthy goodness to satisfy 100% of your cat's daily needs when fed according to the feeding guidelines on the pack. Felix ...is just irresistible! Cats know what they want, especially at mealtimes - that's why Felix recipes are made with quality ingredients and packed with meaty pieces in a succulent jelly. Your cat will enjoy an irresistible meal every time. Also, Felix is available in a wide range of fishy and meaty flavours to satisfy your cat's love of variety. Felix has a wide range of irresistible meals.. so you can give your cat his favourite every day. Felix Sensations - meaty or fishy pieces in deliciously flavoured jellies. Felix Marinades - meaty or fishy pieces in a scrumptious jelly marinade. Felix As Good As It Looks - meaty or fishy pieces that are as good as they look. Felix Pouches are convenient and complete single serve portions.
Barcode 5000161026159 VAT Type Vatable
VAT Rate 20% Pallet Quantity 90
Pallet Discount 0.1