Versele Laga Traditional Red Moulting Subliem 25kg

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Versele Laga Traditional Red Moulting Subliem is a high quality moulting mix that incorporates a wide range of oil-bearing seeds & legumes to help maintain conditioning. During the moulting period it is best to enrich this mixture with Success-Corn Plus I.C+.

Features a unique combination of essential fatty acids (omega-3 & omega-6) & sulphurous amino acids. These help produce a quicker moult and a higher quality set of feathers. These fatty acids also play a part in immunity helping to fight off disease and reduce the chance of infection.


Plate maize 12%, Red maize 9%, Small French cribs maize 2%, Cinquantino maize 1%, Maple peas 6%, Dun peas 6%, Yellow peas 6%, Large green peas 6%, Tares 3%, Mung beans - Katjang Idjoe 1.5%, White pigeon wheat 12%, European white dari 4%, Red dari 4%, Safflower seed 3%, White pigeon barley 10%, Paddy rice 2.5%, Broken rice 1%, Peeled oats 1%, Small striped sunflower seeds 1%, Hempseed 1.5%, Buckwheat 1%, Canary seed 1%, Yellow millet 1.5%, Brown linseed 1.5%, Black coleseed 1.5% & Black caraway seed 1% 

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