Kruuse Fun-Flex Pet Bandage 10cm

Code: MZBUS029

Kruuse Fun-Flex Pet Bandage is a flexible self-adhesive lightweight bandage of superior quality which easily adjusts to even the most awkward body outlines. Easy tear-off.

Application Fixate the end of the bandage and apply evenly over a larger area of the injured body part stretching the bandage according to the level of compression needed. When application is done, do a straight tear of the bandage…. Do not twist; it will make the tearing more difficult. When applied, squeeze gently the layers together to enhance the cohesiveness. Use Kruuse Fun-Flex as secondary/tertiary bandage on top of primary/secondary dressing.

Removal Unroll bandage or cut gently with a bandage scissor, be careful not to cut into the skin.

Assorted colours

Three Sizes   10cm, 7.5cm and 5cm