Chilli Dog Waterproof Sofa Bed Navy 68 x 58cm

Code: MZPET100
RSP: £39.99

Chilli Dog Waterproof Sofa Bed Navy is ahigh sided comfortable Navy waterproof and grey Sherpa fleece sofa dog bed. The central cushion can be easily removed, reversed & then washed in the washing machine to get rid of that nasty dog smell.

  • Wipe or hose down the rest of the bed.  
  • Reduces odours 
  • Very durable as well as comfortable.

Size                    External                                  Internal
Medium            58x68cm (32"x27")               45x35cm (17"x13")
Large                66x78cm (26"x31")               55x45cm (21"x17")
X Large         75x90cm (29.5"x35.5")         52x60cm(20.5"x23.5")
XX Large      85x100cm (33.5"x39.5")        57x67cm(82.5"x26.5")


Barcode 5055290201502 VAT Rate 20%
VAT Type Vatable